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I smelllll.... hmm Ducky

You smell me? hehe

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OK i changed my BIO. Well what else is there to say about me other than im the nicest person that u will ever meet. Im not very dependable though cuz i am the most irresponsible person ever. However i am handsome and irresistable. I am a part of COSMOS, the crappiest thing ever, but the friends are cool. ANd i am also part of the greatest Bass Line in the History of the world. But i am also part of the worst drumline in the history of the world. Lets see... uh i am single and strait. But i dont need a gf cuz i am cool.
"friends", 7th heaven, a walk to remember, aaron, amani toomer, amaris is stupid, american idol, anaheim mighty ducks, andy milonakis, basketball, bass line, basses, beaver warrior, being strait, bigfoot, black john, boy meets world, brenda c., brenda h., brett favre, bulbasaur, cake, central perk, chandler, charleze theron, chick flicks, chocolate, church, cleveland indians, cody, colons, commas, crap, dag, disney channel, disney movies, dolphins, drake and josh, espn, even stevens, football, forrest gump, friends, full house, god, henry, heracross, janet, jay gatsby, jeremy shockey, jessica alba, joe is gay, joey, josh, juicy, kevin gnapoor, kicking cody's ass, kiera knightley, krispy kremes, ladainian tomlinson, lindsey lohan, lindsey shaw, livejournal, los angeles lakers, louie, love, madden, mandy moore, martina, mayonase, mayonase mixed with chocolate, mayonase sandwiches, mean girls, meat, michael strahan, milk, monica, movies, my ass, my car, my penis, napoleon dynamite, new jersey, new york giants, nfl, nick carraway, nickelodeon, nmsu, orlando bloom, pam sucks, penis, people, phoebe, pokemon, ponys, powder, rachel, randy moss, rebecca, remember the titans, ross, rugrats, ruthie joad, scapegoat, seinfield, shizzle, sonia, sports(watching), star wars, step by step, steven, susan pevensie, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 3 cabaieros, the bible, the chronicles of narnia, the fairly odd parents, the grapes of wrath, the great gatsby, the land before time, the lion king, the name lindsey, the wedding singer, the word colon, tiki barber, tom hanks, toy story, ty law, u2, uncle john, utep, vampires, video games, vivier, wwe, x-men, zack