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hahaha [07 Nov 2006|11:26pm]
does anyone remember lightsabering
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New Community [24 Oct 2006|10:02pm]
Theres been some Nickelodeon tlak lately so i decided to make a community called Disney channel versus Nickelodeon (dcvsnick). IN this community we could debate the shows and actors and stuff, are any of u guys interested? and can someone fancy it up for me
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Fuck [01 Oct 2006|11:49pm]
I cant sleep.

OH well, news

I have a crush again, yay. well actually boo, but whatever

Ive decided that im not gonna join the fraternity. I thought about this all weekend and i came to a decision today.

I might move from Disney chanel to nickelodeon
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You know ur a Disney Channel Freak when..... [24 Aug 2006|01:59pm]
your teacher assigns u an analysist on any sci-fi show or movie and you pick phil of the future.

Well thats what i did, lol. ANyone else have any "You know youre a Disney Channel Freak when......."s
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Awesome [06 Aug 2006|07:14pm]
yesterday i went to the movies and i saw POTC2. (i know, bierly huh) well anyways, it was so awesome, especially the ending
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[02 Aug 2006|11:05pm]
Top 50 DC charactersCollapse )
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[24 Jul 2006|10:34pm]
i deleted my myspace
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A Long Update [31 May 2006|08:36am]
There is alot to post on this update, i have no life so i have alot of time to do this. OK now first i obviously have to talk about Graduation, the biggest event in my life up to this point. The ceremoni was allright(i was glad they didnt 4get my name), until it ended when they played my song, "unwritten" which was so badass, and i was all excited, i ran to hug MR. T, and the percussion people that were there, i got to hug everyone i wanted to and i didnt cry like i said i wouldnt, even when i saw my mom after i couldnt find her for a long time. So yeah it was all cool then when i got in my car, my Jamie Lynn, WOW, i cried in there for like ten minuets, and not cuz of everyone, cuz of her. It was so weird, well no one saw me cry at least. Then i went to wataburger with my family. I didnt want anything fancy.

Then Josephs party, which was very badass. Like most of the time i spoke to people that i had never met in my life, everyone there was drunk. Well yeah i got home and slept at 4.

Then i had to wake up at six to go to the band trip, the bus ride was ok, i slept more than half the time. When we got there i went to Applebees with some band people that i dont talk to, the only one i talk to was Monica. But it was still great talkin to them. My roomates were
badass when i thought they were gonna suck, it was pretty fun.

On Monday was contest. Our ensemble sucked to that point so it didnt look like we would do well. But i kinda wanted to do well cuz it was my last performance as a member of Band. The wait outside sucked cuz it was hot. Then when we performed we did really well, the judge complimented us alot. and.... WE GOT A 1!!!. a 1 at state, that is so badass, were a big ensemble with crappy players, were not supposed to get a 1 at state, but we did deserve it. so awesome. After that we went to the mall, im sad that i didnt buy anything, even at that pipe store, it was badass cuz i was with chris and ish, and we went to a bunch of different stores multiple times cuz they couldnt find anything. then when we got back to the hotel alot of pple got in the pool. It was SO FUN! chicken fights and everythin. I sucked whenever i carried someone. But yeah when it was over i went back to my room and pillowfighted and slept.

THen tuesday was sea world, a dolphin attacked me, i sat in the shamoo section where you get soaked, the rides sucked, the other shows were badass, the sharks were cool, the Gators were really fun cuz we almost made one eat a turtle, and yeah thats it. I wouldve rather gone to six flags but i still had a good time. Then we went home, saw national treasure on the way which is a pretty cool movie, then we got home. Monica was crying cuz she said it bierly hit her, i didnt feel like i was gonna cry, until i walked into the percussion room. It was even more than jamie lynn. And this time people saw me cry, its so sad, i know band isnt what i was gonna do with my life but it was much more than just a hobby, it was such a big part of my life. It was jjust so sad.

ANd thats my update
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NO [23 May 2006|09:48pm]
well its over no more classes, well there is one for me. But OMG i still cant feel it, it still hasnt hit me, i cant see myself graduating. It doesnt feel like my time. IDK but whatever. Fuck cornell, its not right, why cant a badass GPA and Badass Rank be good enough for that school, they would be lucky to have someone like aaron, i know its better for me for him to stay, but its not right. Another subject, i know ive hurt people in the past month, and im now apologizing cuz i cant do it in real life. I shouldnt regret what i did cuz at the time it felt right and i need to express what i feel, but i want to be reaccepted if im welcome. This doesnt change my friendship with anyone else at all. Its just it cant end like this, its not right either. But it is really out of my control right now. Its up to them to decide, and if its negative, then i'll still be allright, but i would rather have a positive. Moving on, Taylor is so gonna win tomorow.
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Weekend [15 May 2006|09:29am]
its monday mornin so yeah this was my weekend

Friday: Well Mark picked me up and we went to starbucks with Henry and Manny, sum awesome videos on Henrys phone from there, then we went to some HOSA persons house with HOSA people there and i learned that mark and henry cant swim, hahaha. Then we talked about haunted places in Clint and San Eli, i said i wasnt scared but i was pissing my pants on the inside, then after we didnt have enuf money for a strip clup so we went to AVW. And what happened there is something i will never mention, but prolly mark and henry will tell everyone. Then wataburger. Cool. Then home

Saturday: K first we went to my cuzins party which was sadly a dissapointment, his partys are always badass, but this wasnt good. the party moved and we at first went to chicos, but then mark decided we should go to the Q-8 so me mark and edgar went. That place is one of the greatest places ever. I love it, it took us a while to get the huka but it was worth the wait. Then the belly dancer was hot and yeah i didnt want to leave, but edgar and mark were hungry for some Mickey D's and then yeah end of the night. oh yeah and i stayed at Johns and ruben was there too

Sunday: MOTHERS DAY!!!! yay. Went to my grandmas she cried when i gave her my graduation picture. WE were also celebrating my b-day at my aunts house, i ended up making my own bday cake, i played monkey in the middle with my favorite 2 little cuzins jessica and florabelle and we kept score, i won. Then kickball, guys against girls, we lost on a go ahead inside the park home run by florabelle. Sad. ANd yeah thats pretty much it except a couple of other aunts went to my moms house adn everyone was getting drunk while i was watching hannah montana. i would rather watch hannah montana actually

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